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What is Calisthenics(calisthenics)?

What is Calisthenics(calisthenics)? First of all, let's define the terms "calisthenics", "calisthenics" or just "calisthenics".) calisthenics are any exercises that use special equipment, usually swings, for the purpose of improving the working out technique. These exercises are useful for people suffering from mobility problems, vertigo, injuries, as well as for people who are very tired at the end of the day. what to drink in bed The fact that "balancing" exercises are performed on the uneven bars, in General everyone is tired at least once a week. And sometimes it is difficult to get out of bed and go to the toilet. How can we improve? 1. The barbell should be kept as low as possible, at the lowest point of the body, the chin resting on the floor. This way, the load shifts to the oblique abdominal muscles, on the one hand they are used for back support, and on the other hand to work out the back muscles. 2. The grip should be straight, narrow at first, then widen it, do everything so as not to miss. You should be able to swing the bar in any direction, but in particular take care not to swing it at the same time. 3. The palms should be turned 45 degrees. This way, the load is shifted to the chest, the deltoid muscles are used to carry it forward. 4. The lumbar spine is straight, narrow and strong. Use bench presses, squats, or any other exercises to work out your back. You should be able to swing the bar in any direction, but pay attention to the body as it is headed in the direction of your head. 5. When you are preparing for a competition, you should perform every exercise with perfect form, without slack. You don't have to have a huge ego to lift a barbell. 6. You can not work out on your own. strength training. Strength training will help you with this. If you perform exercises with your own weight, first, because you will have more energy to fuel your muscles, and secondly, because you will be able to see the result faster. Don't forget that speed is the main thing. the key principle of training. If you work out for two minutes without getting caught up in the intensity of the movements, you can not lose it. the results. Don't forget that the barbell is the shortest tool, so choose heavy weights so that you can make progress in training both in muscle and strength.P.S I Hope you will start using these exercises today, then You will make it to the end of the road, be strong and healthy, see you soon!!)