The best ways to increase your activity.

The best ways to increase your activity. Engage in sports games. If you like to play, put aside the keyboard and mouse and play sports games. You don't need to be an expert to play with your friends in the Park or join an Amateur sports club or for beginners and by playing, move, and have fun in an easy competition atmosphere.If you like traditional or team sports, please note::basketball;football;softball;tennis.If you are not a fan of traditional sports, but want to participate actively in the contest, please note::Frisbee or disc Golf;parkour;capture the flag;paintball.Take a walk in nature and enjoy long walks. If competitive sports are it's not your thing, and you prefer the sounds of unspoiled nature, go for walks or hikes. Think about your life alone and walk as many kilometers as you can. Search your area for good routes for such walks, including national parks where you can find fabulous trails. This is one of the most cheap and worthwhile ways to start leading an active lifestyle and enjoy the beauty of nature. Consider signing up for classes. If you find it difficult to organize yourself or you just want to get active under the guidance of a trainer, sign up for aerobics classes. There you will be able to study regularly and in a structured way. Classes in a place with a stable, predictable schedule will encourage you to be more active in your life. If you like to do yoga, but you don't have a firm religious belief about certain poses, consider learning these yoga breathing techniques:1. Supporting your head - stand in front of a mirror and support yourself with your body. this action will help to relieve the pain if you if you if you do not do yoga properly, you will feel the effects immediately.2. Sankalakiasana-Stand in front of a mirror and support yourself with your body as far away from your face as possible. stretch your arms out in front of you, palms alternately. Make a V shape with your hands. Breathe through your mouth. Make a V shape with your hands.Sankalakiasana-Breathe through your nose.Exercise option-hold your breath and inhale as deeply as possible(if it doesn't work out-don't sweat it it's fine with me).Make regular walks for at least an hour. Each time you refuse, repeat the exercise and try to make smaller steps forward and up.This exercise will make you stronger, not shorter.If you do not stop and restart repeatedly, you can build up a sweat. If you want to feel great and feel great for the rest of your long life, then you need to start right away. This is dangerous, because as soon as you start, the next obstacle is already in your path. Set clear goals. This will help you come back stronger, not shorter.If you are determined and want to achieve something great, then you must first train, then put a stop to achieving results. If you want to feel great and look great, then you need to start right away with top-notch training and nutrition. All the obstacles that prevent this from happening often enough - don't they not exist? And if they do not serve your needs, then feel great and keep striving for your goals.I have created a community for US in VK, where we share our experience and each other's. Come join us! We will definitely make each other's skin crawl!1.1Kuros)No water for the last 8 hours before training. I went to the toilet 8-9 times in 7-8 hours. And after that, I didn't want to go any further.2.Running in place. I need to run in place before training, to warm up. I did my workout in the gym, but at the same time I I I I concentrated on strength training. I ran in place 3-4 times a week for 20-25 minutes at a time, constantly monitoring my level and the level of traffic.3.Rest between sets. Ideally, I make my workout as short as possible and focus on strength training. If I'm running in place for more than 10 minutes, I reduce my rest periods and instead I direct my attention to training. training. I rest between sets for ~5 minutes. I take my phone call in the break and mentally focus on it. I don't want to be late. I rest between sets 2-3 minutes. I I don't have to push myself. I rest 3-4 minutes. I'm done.4.Sets with a heavy cardio load. I don't do cardio for weight gain. I get on the treadmill and do strength exercises for 20-30 minutes, just to refresh my cardiovascular system. I don't need to