Training sessions

Training sessions Everyone wants to be in good shape, but few people achieve this goal. Most people, like to think that they have achieved success, but the result is long way from everything that could have been. The main mistake is not the goal itself, but the method that you choose to achieve it. The method is as simple as it is important as it is effective. The method directly affects the manner in which your body works and the way your thoughts and behaviors. Let's look at some of the most common mistakes that people make.1. The first rule of weight loss is not enough weight loss.Most people when they set themselves the goal of getting a beautiful body, do not start with the smallest weight loss. The first rule of weight loss is no stopping power.To get the body you need to give it the required amount of calories. If you overeat (and often this means eating as much as 10 times more than the recommended value), the body will stop growing. Overdoing it can lead to weight gain and obesity. Setting an excessive goal can lead to emotional stress and reduce the level of concentration the body needs.2. I don't have enough rest.Many beginners get wrapped up in trying to lose weight. they think that if they work hard, they will soon be able to take their body to the next level. While this is the case, the human body has ways to adjust to a minimum workload. During this period, the main thing is not to overdo it. Cold, hard training sessions are not a good way to get the body moving again.3. I hate when I don't have the strength to perform the exercise.Some people hate it when they don't have the strength to perform the exercise. Others find it useful. Who is strong? Go to the gym, build your bed, do laundry, or whatever. If you if you want to get strong, you need to work on yourself first. If you want to get stronger, work on yourself. it doesn't really matter how strong you are, what kind of training schedule you have. The main thing is the desire to get stronger. If you're in a hurry, or you're just trying to rush things along, nothing will help you. It's that simple.4. I don't have the right equipment.If the equipment is not compatible with your goals, you can always go to the gym without them. of course, you can use functional training wheels, but most people don't use it. they don't think that way. They think that if you can't build the base adequately, then you can do everything. Not true. First, the body needs to be toned. Secondly, you need to choose the right exercises. And most importantly, you need to realize that a lot of people can't even pull up at all. bodies with their own weight. Often, people with large physical features simply can't pull up. weights. And this is their limit. Don't underestimate yourself, and your capabilities. Your goal should be to eliminate this barrier to progress.5. I don't want to strain myself.You should feel stress. But most of all, feel it. This is a construct, a way of life. And you? Well, you just need to remind yourself everyday that you need to recharge, that everything that you do is for the best. This is a conditioned reflex, one that you and only you can already see clearly. But, do not get me wrong, you can also use intuition. The more you understand, the more progress you make. The more you try, the more you succeed. The only thing that separates you from failure is your imagination. The ceiling is 70% the ceiling is your imagination. Yes, 100% of failure is an Option, but there is a huge Wealth of experience that you can bring to the table, and your imagination is just as good as yours. the ceiling.I wish you to explore the world of possibilities, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them. I would be happy to answer them. I'll leave a link to my CV at the end of the article.